A funeral service is the final opportunity for you and your family and friends to publicly express their love and respect for the deceased and to give support to each other.

As your Funeral Celebrant, I come with an understanding of the grieving process and the importance of a calm and comforting but professional presence. Someone who understands the importance of a sense of safety and trust as you undergo the process of bereavement and loss.

I make it my concern and honour to create a service that would meaningfully celebrate the life of your loved one and make him or her acknowledge, loved and honoured. I am happy to come to your home or any other preferred place to talk with you and your family in detail how you want to say your goodbyes to your loved one at a personalised service.

Whether elaborate or simple, it will be individualised and personalised, in order to reflect their life and to hold a special meaning for you and your family and friends.

Perhaps you have a particular cultural or religious or spiritual belief that is important to you. Or a wish for a special song or venue. Or you might want to involve members of your family in the service, to read a poem or a prayer or to share a memory.

I will get to know from you what she/he was like, their life story, their special characteristics and qualities, precious memories and experiences that highlight their personality and the unique life. I am happy to write the eulogy if you wish, or assist you in doing so.

Together we will choose a song and/or reading and/or prayer that would be most suitable, reflective and meaningful. We will together decide on the order of service.

You are most welcome to call me on 0425 264642 or (02) 4701 9032 or email me at


Hi Joy,
Thank you so much for doing Poppy Peter’s final good bye ceremony.

You definitely captured and painted a very clear picture of the man he was and his life from birth to his last days.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come to us at the unit at such a very hard time to learn about Poppy and offer your support to us.

It was a beautiful ceremony and we felt blessed we had you there with us for the final goodbye.
Thanks so much ,

Lynette, Darko, Julie , Lyla and Family