“To everything, there’s a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven.” [Ecclesiastes]

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” [Psalm 23. 4]

Most people have difficulty accepting the occurrence of death. Despite its inevitability, death is a rarely discussed taboo subject, which inhibits questions being openly asked and valuable lessons in coping, accepting and healing being learned.

Death rituals have been with us from the dawn of mankind. Our predecessors embraced both life and death with ceremony; rituals were central to everyday life.  Births, coming of age, marriages, harvest, solstice, religious and spiritual festivals and of course, death were all embraced as were the emotions associated with them. Communities gathered to laugh and dance or cry and mourn together as was appropriate.

By not treating death as a taboo subject; you are helping your family to grow emotionally mature and capable when death eventually happens in your family.

We encourage you to talk to your family about death. When families or communities plan and involve themselves in a funeral service, and support each other and allow their feelings of love and loss to be expressed, then the journey through grief, to healing, to finding a new ‘normal’ begins.

What to do when a loved one dies

One of the first persons most people contact is a funeral service provider.

Aside from being a Funeral Celebrant, I am also a Funeral Arranger and am able to assist you in arranging the funeral of your loved one, from getting that first call  to delivery of the ashes (in the case of cremation) or to the actual burial. I will sensitively and efficiently assist and guide you and your family through this stressful time.

We understand that the passing of a loved family member or friend is a very difficult time for those who are left to cope with the loss. I am here to help and can provide you an individually tailored and respectful funeral to suit your budget, religion, culture and nationality (particularly, the Philippines – mga kababayan, atin ito.)

I speak fluent English, Tagalog and Visayan.  All our clients are welcomed as family and your needs are fulfilled with dignity and sensitivity. We strive towards knowing that your wishes can and will be carried out as requested.  Know your loved one is cared and respected at all times.

Our pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry, and if you have a better quote in writing we would be happy to match or better it without compromising our great service.

Arrangements can be carried out in the privacy of your own home or any other preferred location.

Call me on 0425 264 642 for a personal chat.

Pre-Planning a Funeral

These days, planning is considered prudent in every aspect of life, and death should be no different. But the real benefit of planning your funeral is the relief it provides for your grieving loved ones. Those left behind are not burdened with all the decisions associated with a funeral at a time they are in no state to do so, and will be grateful that some of the financial load is lifted as well.

Planning is as easy as talking to your chosen Funeral Director, getting to know them before you need them. Their knowledge and experience can be invaluable at this time.

Pre-Paid Funerals

If you don’t have a pre-paid funeral fund, I would strongly recommend investing in one.

We put aside money or travel, retirement and other important events. It makes sense to approach planning ahead for a funeral in exactly the same way. With the help of a professional funeral director like me, it’s really just like making a Will.

Not sad or sombre. Just simple, sensible and practical.

By pre-paying for a funeral, you choose the type and style of funeral service you want and how much you wish to spend.

Unless you change your arrangements or add something extra at a later date, a pre-paid funeral is costed at today’s prices; you will not be affected by any future price rises.

This is a much better alternative to paying for funeral insurance, which after so many years’ premium, the money you’ll have spent would cost so much more than the actual cost of the funeral!

This can be paid either in a lump sum or by instalment over a fixed period.

Should the person pass away before the total cost is fully paid, the balance must be fully paid before the funeral service can be provided.

Advantage of a pre-paid funeral plan for pensioners:

For Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs pension recipient, a pre-paid funeral plan can enable you to maximise your pension entitlement. That’s because money spent on a pre-paid funeral plan is not subject to the income and assets test or deemed earnings rules (according to current legislation). This benefit only applies for pre-paid funerals on condition that the money is not withdrawn and used for other purposes.

To apply for a pre-paid funeral plan or to know more about it, please call me on 0425 264 642 or email me on joycelebrates@gmail.com.

Make A Will

It is also wise to note your wishes in a more readily accessible document in a place known to your family or legal representative. If you have pre-arranged your funeral service, it is of paramount importance that it be known to your family and the documents be readily available (not kept in a bank or other secure facility).

Talk To Your Family

If you would prefer not to pre-arrange your own funeral, it is important to discuss with your family the type of service you would like. This allows you to leave this world exactly the way you want to – right down to your favourite song, and to the flowers you’ve always loved.


Q: Is cremation cheaper than burial?

A: Generally, cremation is cheaper than burial due to the cost of purchasing a new grave. However, you should discuss your wishes with your chosen Funeral Director who will advise you on the exact cost according to your locality.

Q: Are there any religions which forbid cremation?

A: Yes, Orthodox religions and Muslims forbid cremation. Most Christian denominations, including Catholics allow cremation and it is the usual choice of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Parsees.

Q: Is the coffin cremated with the body?

A: Yes. In addition to NSW Health Regulations requiring that it is, it would be impractical and improper for crematorium staff to remove bodies from coffins prior to cremation.

Q: I am not religious, so what sort of funeral can I have?

A: You could choose to have a funeral service in the crematorium chapel, Funeral Director’s chapel, at the graveside in some cemeteries, or any other special location or venue (subject to approval). A funeral celebrant, who is often an authorised Civil Celebrant, would most likely officiate at the service. If you don’t have someone in mind for this role, your Funeral Director will recommend one for you.

Q:Is there any financial assistance offered by government departments and organisations?

A: Centrelink & Veterans Affairs often pay a benefit – the amount may vary depending on your circumstances. Some registered clubs will also pay a benefit on the death of a member. If the deceased belonged to a private health fund, you should check the conditions of their membership.